Rev.Hirofumi Masuyama

21st Century Christ Church - Head Pastor​

Blessing Businessmen Believers:

Church Prosperity Seminar

"Faith and Heaven-Economy"

    Shalom! It is a word of greeting in Israel, meaning "Peace of Soul", "Gesungdheit", "Good marriage", "Economical Prosperity", blessing every aspect of a human being. I am delighted to have delivered the principles of how to integrate God's "Shalom" into the business field.


1966- Born on June.

1984- March, Baptized at Kamimachi Church.

1998- Receives calling to life-devotion in Minemachi Church

2000- Graduates JTJ Mission Seminary

20years of experience as a businessman since graduating Univ.

2008- Listed in JASDAQ as CEO of Fuji Staff Hldgs. 

2012- Becomes Pastor of 21st Century Christ Church.


June 12th


11:30 > 13:30


Ariake Central Tower 20F

​Achivement Ltd. Training Center

3-7-18, Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo