Rev.Masao Himei

Akasaka Church-Lead Pastor

Interceding to Business Evangelism

"Let's start from Prayer Philippians 4:1-9"

  To start,  I have never been involved in running a business. However since I met Mr. Shiro Natsume of TBR,  I am now able to look at the inside of the business world through CEO Aoki of Achievement Co., LTD.  The scripture says, "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil." in 1 Timothy 6:10.... Why don't we pause and think about this? Looking forward to meeting you all.


1941- Born in ShangHai, Moves to Japan in the midst of WW2, raised in Kita-Kyushu.

1962- As a student in Rikkyo University, becomes a believer through a WGM Evangelist. After graduating Immanuel Bible Training College, plants 3 churches in Yamaguchi where he was dispatch for 7years and a half.

Partaking in various ministries, Radio Preaching for instance, prior to when he was appointed in Akasaka in 1988.


June 11th 


17:00 > 20:00


Restaurant "Patio" Hotel Sunroute Ariake 

3-6-6, Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

Moving to Achievement Training Facility

once concluded

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