Chairman of CBMC Japan

Satoshi AOKI


Hallelujah! Praise the Lord.

    I heartily thank the Lord that we can hold the 19th National Prayer Breakfast in Japan. The National Prayer Breakfast (NPB), now held all around the world, is a meeting where people gather together in “the name of Jesus,” and pray with one accord for global peace and leaders across the nations. In this country, we at CBMC Japan, serving as one of the CBMC bases expanding in 96 countries, have organized NPBs as the Lord has entrusted this task to us. What is needed now is Christian solidarity focusing on peace. Therefore, Brothers and Sisters, for the sake of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, let us come together from all parts of the country and pray in union. My sincere prayer is that this National Prayer Breakfast in Japan will provide a great opportunity to take a definite step toward world peace.

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