Guest Musicians

La Essenza

La Essenza 



Born in Guatemala, University of Florida graduate. Has released many albums as he was very active as a singer songwriter and performed in numerous live concerts. Majored in Classical Voice in university, then moved to Spain in 2011 and Italy in 2012 for further studies. Studied under the renowned soprano Mirella Freni at CUBeC voice academy.



Born in Tokyo to Japanese and Canadian parents, spent most of childhood in Sapporo. Began studying voice from age 15 under Akiko Mibe. At the age 18 moved to Italy and also studied under the renowned soprano Mirella Freni at CUBeC voice academy. 


Both of them had a celebrated career in classical music as there were many TV appearances and concerts, but at one point they were led to ministry works and dedicated themselves to the Lord. Formed La Essenza as a Christian Duo. After many singles, finally released the album “Dando Vida” in 2016. Performed in numerous concerts internationally, such as Europe, North America, and Central America. Since 2018 their music ministry has been based in Japan.